Airtime General FAQ (13)
Some basic questions we get about Airtime.
Airtime Pro Pre-Sales FAQ (13)
Information on Airtime Pro, our radio automation, hosting and streaming service.
Booktype Pro - General (12)
General questions about Booktype Pro.
How To Access Airtime Pro Support (8)
How to access support for Airtime Pro.
What is frontend support?
Frontend support means we can help with issues with widgets, CSS or getting Airtime information...
How many people can listen to my stream?
The number of listeners depends on your package. The streaming packages refers to the number of...
What is Airtime Pro streaming?
Airtime requires use of a stream relay service like Icecast or Shoutcast which allows people to...
What's Airtime Pro storage?
File storage allows you to upload and store audio files. The higher your plan, the more storage...
What are engineer hours?
This is dedicated monthly time that you can get from one of our world class systems engineers....